Ashish Garg from Rajasthan Emerged as the Winner amongst the best 10 photographers of the Photography competition who came from all the parts of the country such as Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Pondicherry, Orissa, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Our team took all the participants to beautiful and serene Natural Landscapes of Uttarakhand on 28th of November, 2015 from New Delhi. On the way to destination, We celebrated birthday of one of our participants Mr. Prithviraj. It was a surprise to him which we all enjoyed very much. We reached the abode of Godly landscapes the next day early in the dawn at 4:45 AM. With Co-operation from the Tourism Department of Uttarakhand Ministry, We planned out our stay at Uttarakhand. We stayed there in Hotel Dhanaulti heights in Dhanaulti. Breakfast was served by 07:40 AM. The Participants were then introduced with each other formally and the Judges explained them the tasks by 08:30 AM. The Task was that participants needed to submit 2 stories from a series of photographs that they would click in the two days of live round of photography.It is for the first time that all the photographers were experiencing live round of a photography competition. Within an hour, we left to Mussoorie also known as the queen of hill stations. Kempty Falls was on the way and the scenic view was mind blowing. It was raining there, which made the task a bit difficult for participants as they were carrying expensive equipments and the rain had played a twist and it changed the course of action of all the photographers. The Team was helping them in their pursuits. Umbrellas were provided to them by the team. Some of those took the Umbrellas and made the best of all they could. The photographers clicked the Waterfall and its surroundings for almost 2 hours. We then left for the queen of hill stations which was just half hour drive from Kempty Falls.

We reached Mussoorie and the weather over there was quite pleasant. The view of the landscapes were terrific. We Started with Mall road among the main market places in the hill station. The stretch was approximately 4 km long and the photographers captured the maximum coverage of beautiful scenic view they could in 3 hours approx. After having snacks, we left for the hotel. During the journey back to hotel we played mind refreshing games such as Dumb Charades which proved to be quite interesting and funny. All the participants enjoyed a lot during the engagement activities. We reached Hotel by 05:30 PM and had snacks which included Aloo pakoda, Paneer Pakoda and other refreshments. Everyone then took rest for some time and after dinner at 08:00 PM we started a campfire. It was fun in such chilling climatic condition.

Next day we all gathered at 06.00 AM and left for Tehri Dam. Tehri Dam is the largest Dam of Asia and is counted as the third largest in the world. Tehri lake surrounded in an approximate area of 42 sq. km at a height of 7500 ft above sea level is also among the largest lakes at such height. The Ministry of Tourism of Uttarakhand had invited us there on a festival that was held on Tehri lake which earmarked the Tehri lake as one of the adventure spots in India. It was an honor for all of us to be a part of the Event and our excitement was further rejuvenated  when we got an invitation by the Director of Tourism Ministry of Uttarakhand for the lunch with the Government Officials.

After lunch we left for a village Chamba where photographers stretched for another couple of hours and then we left for the Hotel. Now the photographers were left with just one night to submit their tasks. After dinner all the participants got engaged with their Editing and presentation work. The next day, Our two Judges Mr. Thiru S and Mr. Rajesh kumar Singh were all set for their judging work. Their work was the most difficult one as they had to choose the best among 20 stories. They took approximately 2 hours to complete the task. By the time, Our chief Guest and other accompanying guests had arrived. We thanked them for their hospitality which made our stay a memorable on in Uttarakhand.

The Chief Guest being Mr. V. S. Chauhan, Deputy Director, Tourism Ministry, Uttarakhand. Other guest being Mr. Shailesh Bagauli, Chief Executive Officer, Uttarakhand Tourism Development board and Mr. Khushal Singh Negi, District Adventure Sports Officer, District Tourism Development office, Uttarkashi.

They were presented with snacks and tea and Meanwhile judges came to the conclusion and decided to showcase only the best 3 stories among the 20. The 2nd runner up story belonged to Mr. Dipesh Bhatt from Gujarat, titled Faces of Uttarakhand. The 1st runner up story was of Mr. Sanket Khuntale from Maharashtra titled Paths of life. And the Winning story belonged to Mr. Ashish Garg from Rajasthan who represented a story that depicted the Life of an Umbrella and its friends. It was an iconic narration with such terrific pictures that took the breath of all the judges and the guests. All the 3 stories showcased were professionally qualified and they cannot be judged. Also showcased were some of the random pictures of all the participants in general.

The Chief Guest presented the Winning Certificate and Cheque of INR 25000 to the winner Ashish Garg. The participants were awarded a certificate of appreciation from the judges and the founders. The Founders then presented the Guests with a token of appreciation and then we bid goodbye to all our guest.

We had the farewell Dinner and left for Delhi by 06:00 PM.

We heartily thank the Uttarakhand Tourism Ministry for their support and appreciation during the event. We also encourage the young Talent of India to come forward and participate in upcoming events to come and show the world the potential they have got through this helpful platform.

We would be back next year with the photography competition. Better start preparing and make sure you are there with us in the next CIP. All the Best!

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